White Girl #4

Purple Girl - Juno

Here at Elsö Kuvasz this was our most recent litter! Seven perfect babies were born in the wee hours of 4/19/2012.

Click HERE to download the pedigree

Purple girl

11 days old here:

Astro (L) with his kids:

son Mr Hoot, daughter Amber, son Pandur & grandson Raz (Pandur's son)

At Elso Kuvasz, this is decidedly a labor of love, and we believe strongly that puppies are learning from birth, so we waste no time is teaching each puppy the lessons that will carry it through it's lifetime. 

Though we have only used clicker training minimally, we appreciate it's potential, and start our litters with a clicker, so the "clicker charging" has been done at such an early imprint stage, you'll easily be able to use clicker training.   We believe an 8 week old puppy should walk on a leash, and your puppy will come to you doing this - not a fancy "heel" - but able to go along peaceably with you. 

Blue boy

Orange Girl #5

We believe crates are one of a dog's best friends. A place that can go with your dog to ensure it always feels "at home". A crate is a place of safety when things at home might be a bit scarey to a young animal. And a crate is a place to properly, and quickly teach your puppy housebreaking. Your puppy will be accustomed to a crate, and to riding in a car, visiting new places, and meeting new people.  

Elso Kuvasz puppies come to you microchipped, AKC registered, and appropriately vaccinated, wormed if needed, and health checked by our puppy knowledgable veterinarian. Elso Kuvasz puppies are Temperament Tested using the method outlined by the Monks of New Skete in their book, 'The Art of Raising a Puppy'. This testing helps us determine which puppy is best suited to which home, and/or if we might not have a puppy in this litter that will adequately fit your life.

newborn claws

Blue Boy #7

Purple Girl #1

Yellow Girl - Sunflower

Yellow Girl #2

Green boy

Blue Boy - Jacob

One Week old in this shot - that's a LOT of growth in 4 days:

Yellow girl

Pink Girl #6

White Girl - Mokey

Scroll down for the pics!!   

Father and Son

Ch Elso PACA's Astroid Shooter Ch Casablanca Elso Peachtree In Cahoots @ Kinnickinnik

Quality Starts

above is Jacob on July 4, 2012

Orange girl

first dremelling

Here they are just hours old: five girls and two boys.

Two weeks old now!!

and a FAMILY comes to visit who own and LOVE (green boy) Komo!!

Pink girl

Green Boy #3

Orange Girl - Star

White girl


Green Boy - Komo

Pink Girl - Bonnie

Stella Checking