This is how Aloo spent most of the day in the aisles at Madison Square Garden in 2004 - the year she took Best of Breed at the Westminster Kennel Club. Below is how she greeted the hotel staff.

The mission of Elso Kuvasz is to breed, present, and promote only superior quality Kuvasz; animals who personify the very best a Kuvasz can be. Quality First means temperaments that are so confident, you might think they are too friendly - but these are dogs so confident, they don't need to act the guard, they are guardians.  

Quality First means sound structure, so whether your Kuvasz is destined for the show ring, the couch, a working life, a performance life, or an active life at your side, it'll be able to join you in whatever you wish to share with it. That means orthopedics that are guaranteed. Should any Elso Kuvasz puppy end up with a debilitating orthopedic condition, your purchase price will be refunded (given appropriate veterinary proof of the dog's disability). We stand behind our Kuvasz, so you can stand beside yours.